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International Edition Winners 2010: Romania, Target 1 -- Grade 4 - 6

International Edition Winners 2010: Romania, Target 1 -- Grade 4 - 6

Diaconu ?tefan
Diaconu Ştefan

6th Grade
Mihai Eminescu National High School
Teacher Advisor: Anton Cristina


"Is there a man to be indifferent when the endless vault of the sky with mysterious stars blinking to the slippy face of the Earth?

We are all fascinated by the unknown depth we are open before our eyes every night, when the moon pulls the curtain of night.

Little Prince said that the stars are not the same for all people: for some are simple lights, for travelers they are guides and for scientists - the object of study. Because one star Little Prince lives, because on one of them he laughs, it is like all the stars are laughing. Many years, for me, the stars were a lot of bells that can laugh.

Later, looking to these so small celestial bodies, I felt great and powerfull on Earth, my huge and wonderfull planet.

But I grew and I began to read more. I understood that the Earth is just one of many planet of the Solar System. At the beginning it seemed scary: I felt like the speck that landed on the trunk of the elephant Horton ( the cartoon ? Horton hears a who?).

The ancient Greeks say in their legends, that at the first the world was a chaos, without form and without boundaries. From this chaos the Earth were born and, possibly, other planets, too.

What?s this chaos, I asked: disorder, nothingness? No, I said. It?s the zero, the starting point of the existence of the universe. So, I?m not a scant cosmic dust particle! All the other planets of our Solar System are sisters; we are all parts of a whole! And again I want to know more.
Reading, I found that Saturn is one of the most studied planets in the Solar System. On the night sky, Saturn is visible to the eyes: a small yellow blinking star, less bright. The planet is discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610 and is studied in more details by Christian Huygens.

Cassini-Huygens mission has made in recent years a number of new data on the strucure and composition of the planet.
Saturn was of interest because it is different from other planets. Hey funded 18 satelites, each with very different properties For example, the satellite Titan hs its own atmosphere and some researchers believe that here they could find life.

Another enigma is the existence of rings of this planet, whose origin is still unknown, although there are several hypotheses. This concentric, system consisting of many small bodies and dust, is a defiance of the law of gravity; particles in the rings under the action of sunlight combined pressure and Saturnian magnetic field, should first be put on the planet, and other to be scattered in space. The ring particles seem to be composed primarily of water ice, but also include ice-covered stone particles.

There are still many unknowns to be elucidated. And even if I can?t know everything and can?t decipher all the mysteries, nothing can stop me to dream and to seek the truth."