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Cassini Scientist for a Day 2010 -- International Edition

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Cassini Scientist for a Day - 2010 International Edition

The 2010 edition of the Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest is open to students from all nations. To make this happen, we need national or regional coordinators for the contest. These volunteers will advertise the contest, collect essays from students and assemble a team of judges to read the essays.

For a list of countries that stated interest visit the List of Contacts


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Each country is encouraged to run the contest either following our guidelines or customizing them to fit their needs. Essays can be written in English or in the local language. These local organizers will then send the best essay(s) from their country to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Winners and their classmates will be invited to participate in a web-based videoconference with Cassini scientists.

NOTE: These rules are intended as guidelines only -- each country is free to follow whatever practice deemed proper. In the U.S., the contest is reserved for students in grades 5 to 12 (approximately ages 10-18) -- but each country is free to also modify these requirements.

For more information, please contact individuals/organizations in charge of the contest in your area.
For a list of countries that already stated interest visit International Edition List of Contacts.

To organize a contest in your country, send e-mail to:

If we have already been contacted by someone else in that region, we'll put you in contact with the volunteers.