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Scientist for a Day - 9th Edition

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2010 Edition - Contest Overview

Winners Announced

After reading 650 essays from more thatn 1,000 students in 23 states, the judges announced the Cassini Scientist for a Day contest winners Jan. 13, 2011. The students were asked to develop a compelling, scientific argument for choosing one of three targets that warranted further study.

+ Meet the winners and read their essays

♦ If you live outside the United States, you may be still able to enter the contest.
Check the international contests' page.

The nine winners of the contest
The winners of the contest. Click on image to read their essays.

Scientists Have Their Day

Students from six schools throughout the U.S. peppered a panel of top Cassini scientists with questions on Saturn, its rings and moons. Leading the panel, on Dec 7, 2010, was Dr. Amanda Hendrix, Cassini deputy scientist. She was assisted by Dr. Kevin Baines, a JPL Principal Scientist with extensive experience in planetary exploration, and Dr. Rosaly Lopes, a world-famous planetary geologist and volcanologist.

The event has been recorded, and is available on Ustream.

+ Watch the Webcast (1 hour)

♦ Last year's edition of the Ustream event is also available on Ustream.

+ Watch the 2009 Webcast (63 minutes)

From left, Ota Lutz, Amanda Hendrix, Kevin Baines and Rosaly Lopes
Dr. Ota Lutz facilitates discussion with Drs. Amanda Hendrix, Kevin Baines and Rosaly Lopes as they field questions from students around the world.

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