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International Edition Winners 2009: India (Grade 9-10: Target 3)

International Edition Winners 2009: India (Grade 9-10: Target 3)

K. Sushmitha Sri
Target 3: Titan
K. Sushmitha Sri

10th Grade; Teacher: V.M. Rohini


" As all knows that Titan is the second largest satellite and has the thickest nitrogenous atmosphere and some interesting facts like ethane and methane rivers flowing on the surface, apart from these I find something still more interesting about Titan. First of all Titan resembles earth in it's geographical features. It has an atmosphere like earth and it is still more denser than that of earth's atmosphere. As earth has mountains on it's surface, Titan also has some mountains which will always be emitting fumes of water, Ammonia, ethane and methane. In Titan we have rivers of methane and ethane where as here we have oceans of water available. There we have rivers which contain methane and ethane but here it's water. Scientists are working out to know about the origin of earth using the conditions of Titan. Every body knows about this.
Myself being an young scientist has my own views regarding satellite Titan.

The first is that why Titan is a poor reflector of waves. This must be because of the thickest atmosphere of Nitrogen that surrounds it. With this the temperature on Titan would be less.

The second is that what are the constituents of Titan ? As we know that there are lakes of methane and ethane on Titan and more over the mountains on it emit fumes of ethane and methane we can say that the surface is made of gas methane and ethane. If not, the mountains wouldn't have emitted ethane (or )methane.

Third one is that, why there are lakes of ethane and methane ? As told earlier that there are fumes emitting out they have a chance to form clouds in the atmosphere. With this when it rains on Titan these lakes would have been formed. But, you may get a doubt how these remain in liquid state. This is because of the atmosphere which makes the temperature decrease. So this is the possibility. So we found large quantities of methane and ethane on the surface of Titan.

The fourth one which is why the colour of Titan is orange? This is formed by Tholins – tar like precipitates. Why and how ? The methane present in the atmosphere will be broken by the sun's ultra violet rays and forms many hydrocarbons among which Tholins is one. This gives Titan orange colour.

The fifth one is that why scientists have found the traces of water on the surface of titan? it is an easy observation that when the temperature is low on Titan and water fumes come out of it, obviously water will liquify and finally forms ice particles on Titan.

The sixth one is that why water fumes and ethane, methane and ammonia are pushed out of mountains?
This will further strengthen the statement that Titan is full of methane and ethane, because if the core is made of only methane and ethane and traces of ammonium hydroxide there is a possibility for the above substances to come out (or) else it would have been molten rock (or) lava ejecting out.

The seventh one is that why the atmosphere of Titan rotates faster than that of its surface. It would be because of no magnetic field on Titan. I would prove all the above mentioned scientifically, by exploring Titan and would really get a great name to India.

I say at last, I don't like to be a scientist for one day but till my enthusiasm gets ended I will continue my research as a scientist. "