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International Edition Winners 2009: India (Grade 5-6: Target 1)

International Edition Winners 2009: India (Grade 5-6: Target 1)

Saturn and Rings
Target 1: Saturn & Rings

6th grade, Teacher: Ms.S.Shakambari

St.Mathew’s Public School, Vijayawada

" Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets in solar system with rings surrounding its girth exhibiting brilliant hues. My target for the observation would be Saturn and its rings.

Saturn is the second largest planet of solar system only after Jupiter. Its is so large that 740 earths could fit in it. Saturn is named after roman god satrunus. Why do you think Saturn is named so? Well, when Galileo first observed it, in his first of its kind telescope. He described it to be "wandering star". Not only Galileo but many other civilizations of the ancient world had their own description. Often they describes as wandering stars (mercury, mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn). The cults like the Babylonians Greeks and Romans created names and stories about the sun, moon and planets

In regards to the recent researches many other planets and moons in the solar system might have rings. But Saturn has the most fabulous rings of all. The rings of Saturn have puzzled astronomers. There are thousands of rings up of billions of particles of ice and rocks. The rings are believed to be pieces of comets, asteroids or shattered moons that broke up before they reached the planet. Each ring orbits at a different speed around the planet. NASA's Cassini mission is helping us to reveal how they formed, and maintain themselves in their orbit. When I first read about Saturn's rings. I felt quite uncertain about how rings stay in their actual positions and how they appear to be beautifully oriented. Then with my little knowledge about gravity I guess that the rings are held by Saturn's gravitational field just as the atmospheric blanket is held over the earth. Well my answer might not be accurate but proofed to be near to some of the theories on this subject.

I think about it I feel that there are yet a lot of mysteries to be solved about this giant and its moons. Saturn has at least 61 moons. Is it true that Saturn is light enough to float? Yes, Saturn is made up of liquid and gas with a small rocky center. When I will be of age of experience to do all the interesting things like the scientists of NASA and ISRO then my plans would be to send a space probe which can actually land on Saturn core and help understand the aspects of starunian atmosphere and environment.

The result of explorations as such would give us an incredible insight into the depths of Saturn's life history. Not only that but it might be very helpful to understand why life originated only on earth and not on any other planet in the solar system. In conclusion, not only Saturn but the solar system as a whole is a platter of many delicacies to students like me with hunger of knowledge.

Whatever be there on Saturn its moons and rings I am true that it is waiting to be discovered. All planets in the universe are unique in their own way. Each holding a key for unlocking the mysteries of universe. Hence I chose this target. "