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Benefits of Participating in the Essay Contest

Benefits of Participating in the Essay Contest

Cassini at Saturn
Artist's rendition of the Cassini spacecraft arriving at Saturn.

The Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest can be used as a classroom writing assignment in either English or Science classes. The assignment involves both inquiry-based learning and problem-based learning.

The essay contest meets various U.S. National Standards for English and Science set by the National Council of Teachers of English / International Reading Association, and the National Research Council.

For a complete list, visit the English & Science Education Standards.


  By participating in the essay contest,
  students will:

  • Work with a real, current NASA mission
  • Apply their critical thinking skills
  • Learn how to conduct research
  • Gain confidence in their ability to "do science"
  • See themselves in the roles of scientists
  • Watch videos by young Cassini scientists and engineers, and see that scientists and engineers come from diverse backgrounds
  • See that scientists have different opinions and priorities when choosing where their spacecraft will target images
  • Learn something new, and form questions about a place they may never have heard of
  • Applying their writing skills

  • The essays of winning students will be published on NASA's Cassini website
  • Winning students and their classes will have the opportunity to ask questions of NASA scientists in a teleconference
  • All participating students receive a certificate with the images of the three imaging targets (essay topics)