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Targets Overview: 2014 Edition

archived contest

In this video, three Cassini scientists explain why they want Cassini to image Saturn, Titan, and Saturn's F ring. After watching the video and learning more about the three targets, you can even have your own class debate about which target you would choose.

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+ Transcript and Glossary

The three targets for the Spring 2014 Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest are:

Target 1 is Saturn's F ring. Cassini will be taking 70 images of the F ring, one image every 411 seconds, to make a movie showing how the F ring changes as it orbits Saturn.
Target 1: F ring
Target 2 is Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Cassini will be taking nine images of Titan's north polar region, and these images will be stitched together to form a mosaic. Titan has a lot of lakes and seas in its northern hemisphere. During spring and summer on Titan, scientists expect to see storms, but they haven't seen any yet.
Target 3 is the planet Saturn. The Cassini spacecraft will use its Wide Angle Camera and its Narrow Angle Camera to image Saturn's north pole, studying the hurricane at the north pole, as well as the hexagon-shaped polar vortex. The vertical cloud structure of the hurricane should be revealed in these images.