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Target 3: Saturn

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Essay Contest: Saturn (Target 3)

Julie Bellerose

Cassini Navigator

Hi, everyone! My name is Julie.
I'm one of the Cassini navigators.

My job is to keep track of where Cassini is around Saturn and to make sure it follows the correct path so that we can continue learning about the Saturnian system.

My favorite picture is Target three, Saturn because the first time I looked into a telescope, I saw Saturn and its rings, and I thought it was the most beautiful planet.

Since Cassini arrived at Saturn, we have learned so much about Saturn's atmosphere, the nature of the rings, and the many moons orbiting Saturn, yet there is still so much more to learn.

The more images we take, the more we can learn about this giant planet.

I think this is the best target because it will generate a gorgeous mosaic, something that would make a great poster to hang on a wall.

In a few years, Cassini will be getting much closer to Saturn and it will even go in between the rings.
In order to do that, you can imagine that we need to know exactly where to send the spacecraft so that it doesn't crash.

That's one more reason why we need to have a high-resolution picture of Saturn and its rings.
I'd say let's choose Target three.

Good luck!