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Target 1: Iapetus

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Target 1: Iapetus

Davide Silvestri

Cassini Visiting Researcher

Hi. My name is Davide. I'm a Ph.D. student conducting research at JPL.
I'm collaborating with the Cassini team to evaluate new techniques for spacecraft navigation.

For this observation, I think that we should point Cassini toward Iapetus, which is our Target number one.
Iapetus is one of the most interesting moons in the solar system.

This moon is shaped like a walnut, with a mountain range around its equator that is taller than Mount Everest.
Iapetus is tidally locked to Saturn, meaning it always has the same side facing Saturn.
Our own moon is also tidally locked, so we always see the same side of our moon.

One of the most intriguing things about Iapetus is that half of its surface is covered in what looks like powered sugar, while the other half is very dark.

The reasons behind this color difference are not completely understood.
Further observation could help us learn more about this mysterious moon.

I think Target one is the best target for Cassini.
If you agree with me, choose Target number one.

Good luck!