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International Edition Winners - 2013: Venezuela, Grade: 5-6

International Edition Winners - 2013: Venezuela, Grade: 5-6

Team 'Lords of the Rings' - from Venezuela
Target 3, Saturn
Team: Lords of the Rings

Grade: 5-6

Team leaders: Gustavo Boscan, Jose Rivero, Andres Guerrero, Diego Leon, Jose Maria Marin, and Moises Piñero.

Team members: Daniel Boscan, Gabriel Berrios, Diego Lopez, Jose Carlos Osorio, Armando Gutierrez, Santiago Mediavilla, Yosmer Ramirez, Alejandro Vargas, and Carlos Villasmil.

Teachers: Adan Rincon, Alexis Mavarez, Carlos Avila, Euro Carruyo, Heinor Berrio, Jesus Perozo, Joan Castro, Jorge Aldana, Jose Luis Aponte, Leonides Portillo, Nelson Portillo, Omar Barilla, Pedro Medina, Ramon Azuaje, Venancio Morales, Jondri, Rafael Morales, Itala Soto, and Daniela Quintero.

Schools: Moises Piñero is from Joutai-Alfredo Armas Alfonso.
All others team members are students at Liceo Los Robles.

City: Maracaibo

"Our amateur astronomy junior team has been investigating and reading about the oddities of this planet for 2 years , as we wonder more and more , we can not help being attracted to their irregularities, Saturn is the goal we choose because it intrigues us!

The cause of its climatic irregularities ,such as its reptilian-like circulating storms, the FrankenStorm, especially the enigmatic hexagon vortex in its North Pole, observed by the Cassini spacecraft in 2009, and by much more earlier Voyagers, its almost perfect geometric figure is a great goal, as there is very little information on this storm of long duration of about 25,000 km, never seen anything like it , since it was thought almost impossible storm on Saturn that way , by its thick atmosphere where circularly-shaped waves and dominative convective cells. The infra red images show that stretches for about 100km below the planet's atmosphere, we consider it very strange also by the differences between the poles of Saturn, since in the south pole , the planet 's other irregularity as it seems be a giant eye of a hurricane , large variations between both poles disclose the rarity of this hexagon, as you would expect a storm like that of its polar opposite .We think the horrible possibilities if such storms would develop in our planet due to the impending global warming process!!! Life couldn’t survive! We think photographing and analizing with Cassinis other instruments such as the Magnetometer and Radar, such saturnian stoms would help scientists study and understand those horrible storms.

Also we have a mysterious hexagon which we know nothing , who knows what other wonders await us in Saturn?, with this hexagon , and the big white spot that forms every Saturnian year, I think it became very clear how wonderful the real "Lord of the Rings" may be. The white spot is considered in the journal Nature Geoscience, the biggest storm of the solar system , billions of square kilometers, more than 500 miles per hour and more than 300 miles above the clouds in focus, this great storm forms once every 30 Earth years.

Another interesting target are the rings of Saturn, among many, specifically the F ring, since in periods ranging from a few hours to days or years ,they can modify their structure and experience large-scale changes. The F ring , which measures 300 km! Its rarity is not an extended ring as those seen from Earth, this ring is beyond the region of Saturn's broad rings, this ring is not circular , is twisted and crooked , its particles are entangled with each other, its particles are composed almost ice , sometimes showing channels are arranged in spirals or spread , so rare in this ring F is not equal to any other ring in the solar system , therefore is also different to the other rings the planet."