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International Edition Winners - 2013: Turkey, Target 3, Grade 11

International Edition Winners - 2013: Turkey, Target 3, Grade 11

Arda Celebi
Target 3, Saturn
Arda Çelebi

Grade: 11

School: Sezin High School

City: Istanbul

"The Cassini Spacecraft will point its cameras on one the three targets each holding unique mysteries of their own. These targets are Dione Iapetus and Saturn. All of these targets are as intriguing as others however I believe it would be best if we chose Saturn as our target. When we take a look at Saturn we see a planet with rings so magnificent we forget asking all other important questions. Not knowing all other information it has to offer most forget what chaos and enigmas lay behind the beauty of this gas giant.

By choosing Saturn we might be able make many other important discoveries. Obviously there are things we don't know about Iapetus and Dione and there are questions yet to be answered but one of the reasons Saturn should be chosen is because by focusing on Saturn we might discover new moons or other celestial bodies. As much as the questions we might ask and answers we might seek we will get answers to the questions we didn't even ask. That will be the outcome of targeting Saturn and its vicinity instead of a single moon. Saturn is more than just a single moon. With celestial bodies orbiting Saturn we will be able to discover more than what we will ever find on Dione or Iapetus.

Also by focusing on Saturn we may finally understand the origin of Saturn's famous rings. We know what they are mostly made of but what we don't really know is how old they are. There are theories on this topic but we don't yet know the truth. After this mission when the photos taken are examined and the information is analysed it might be possible to estimate how old they are.

One distinctive thing about Saturn is the interesting and exceptional weather it has. The average temperature is below minus 150 Celsius. But it is the storms and winds in Saturn that make its weather famous. The Great White Spot is the most known one of these phenomena. The Great White Spot is one of the greatest storms in our solar system and is definitely faster than the hurricanes we have on earth. The storm itself is bigger than Earth. It can be about 10000 times stronger than the regular storms we have on Earth and even for the storms on Saturn it is quite unusual. We can hopefully learn more about these storms with the help of Composite Infrared Spectrometer on Cassini Spacecraft. It is essential for us to learn more about these phenomena for doing so will certainly help us understand the weather phenomena we can encounter on our own planet and help us solve these issues with the new information we have gathered from Saturn.

We will certainly gain more from this project if it the target is Saturn. There are many theories about Saturn and proving some of them correct is essential. Therefore I think Cassini should take the images of Saturn."