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International Edition Winners - 2013: Pakistan, Target 1, Grade 9-10

International Edition Winners - 2013: Pakistan, Target 1, Grade 9-10

Saad Ahmed Khan
Target 1, Iapetus
Saad Ahmed Khan
Fazaia Degree College
Grade: 12
City: Karachi

"After acquiring complete details and making thorough observation, I consider Target 1 (Iapetus) as foremost amongst the three.

The reason for choosing Iapetus is the unusual attraction it possess. It has this extraordinary potential of attracting the observer at his/her very first glance on it. It has a spherical structure with different colours dissolved and spreaded over it. These colour patterns have a great significance, since these are quite similar to those found over earth, if observed from outer space, which creates a perception in mind that presence of living sources might be present on Iapetus. Moreover, if the surface of Iapetus is keenly scrutinized, one can conclude that it has an extremely rough surface and the probability of Iapetus having enormous mount ranges is greatly increased. Not only mountain ranges, but the possibility of deep and broad trenches is there as well which clearly signifies the fact that Iapetus is not suitable for humans to walk on.

Another unusual thing about Iapetus is its two vertical hemispheres which are completely offbeat from each other, the eastern side is completely dark and the observer is unable to conclude the surface and colour arrangement on this side, whereas the western side of Iapetus is clearly visible displaying beautiful colour compatibility and landing no hindrance between the observer and his/her observance. This distinction in both these sides compel different ideas and theories to float up to our minds and that's the beauty of Iapetus.

Apart from all the physical features, Iapetus have other exceptional qualities too which need to be discussed in this singular narrative. Like other moons in the solar system, Iapetus lacks the quality of rotating about its own axis and therefore it is tidally locked to saturn. This attribute of Iapetus may have meaningful impact over saturn, since it may result in occasional Lunar eclipses on saturn which may affect it in several ways.

The above mentioned aspects clearly indicates that Iapetus is one of the most intriguing moons operating in the solar system and therefore these extraordinary features might lead us to unfold many mysteries and thousands of secrets hidden in our Solar System."