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International Edition Winners - 2013: Canada, Target 3, Grade 5-6

International Edition Winners - 2013: Canada, Target 3, Grade 5-6

Sarah Mari
Target 3, Saturn
Sarah Mari

Banting & Best Public School
Scarborough, Ontario


"I chose target number 3 Saturn. This planet to me is perhaps the most beautiful planet in our solar system (other than earth of course).

Saturn has a spectacular ring system. It is surrounded by a large system of rings which stretches out into space for thousands of kilometers. Many people don't understand why the rings stand out so much, so this will be there chance to get a clear look and understanding of them.

Saturn is not a peaceful planet. Storm winds race around the atmosphere at 800 km/h. It would be amazing to see the weather reacts on the planet. Seeing how the weather is on the planet gives chances to astronomists, to compare it to other planets.

Saturn is very lightweight whys. If there was a bathtub big enough to fit Saturn it would float. To me that is amazing. I would really like to understand how that would be possible.

I would be so nice for me to get a mosaic of Saturn it would remind how important other planets are, and what mysterious hide from us. We might never know unless we search.

Saturn is magnificent and should be the target chosen. Saturn is a very detailed planet and should have one more fly by. The moons could be explored later. This is the best target."