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Cassini Scientist for a Day - 2012 Targets

Targets Overview: 2012 Edition

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Jan Berkeley

Cassini Science Planner

Welcome to the 11th edition of Cassini Scientist for a Day!

My name is Jan, and I am one of the science and sequence planners on the Cassini team.

Part of my job is to help create the programs that operate the spacecraft day to day and collect the necessary science data as the spacecraft flies past Saturn, its rings and its moons.

The Cassini Scientist for a Day contest is your chance to tell us where you think the cameras on Cassini should be pointed during upcoming observations.

The science planning team designed three possible observation opportunities. Each of the three has scientific merit, and in fact Cassini will image all three.

Target number 1 is an image of the tiny moon Pan found in the Encke gap in Saturn's A ring.

Number two will aim the cameras at the thin F ring; and target three is made up of two parts: an image of Saturn and its rings, and a study of the rings using a star occultation.

My coworkers Tina, Jonathon and Anna Marie will share their reasons for why you should pick THEIR favorite target.

So learn as much as you can about these three targets and choose YOUR favorite to write about. Your essays will be read by Cassini scientists and educators. There will be a winner for each target.

Thank you for your interest in the Cassini mission, and good luck with your essays -- we look forward to hearing from you!