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International Edition Winners 2012: Venezuela, Target 2

International Edition Winners 2012: Venezuela, Target 2

Team: Lord of the Rings
Saturn's F ring
Target 2, Saturn's F ring

Ines Monteverde, 7th grade, Colegio Altamira -- Maracaibo
Marcos Gutierrez, 7th grade, Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo
Gustavo Garcia, 8th grade, Colegio Sta Mariana De Jesus -- La Guajira
Nay Valbuena, 8th grade, Colegio Merici -- La Limpia
Andres Guerrero, 7th grade, Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo
Gabriel Moreno, 7th grade, U.E.Los Apamates -- Belloso
Andrea Fajardo, team leader, 8th grade, U.E.Fzas Armds -- Delicias,
Miguel Bohorquez, team leader, 8th grade, U.E.R.Urdaneta -- Milagro,
Santiago Montiel, 7th grade, Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo
Lermith Biarreta, 7th grade, Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo
Maria Biarreta, 7th grade Colegio Altamira -- Maracaibo
Alejandro Uzcategui, 7th grade Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaib
Nestor Bohorquez, 7th grade Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo
Roberto Fernandez, 7th grade Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo
Jesus Perozo, 7th grade, Liceo Los Robles -- Maracaibo

Team Name: Lords Of The Rings

All members of the Inter-School Los Robles Astronomy Club
State Of Zulia, Venezuela

Teachers: Prof.s Alexis Mavarez, Jose Morales, Carlos Avila, Euro Carruyo, Heinor Berrio, Venancio Morales

"We are intrigued by Target 2, F Ring, we can't sleep just thinking what´s going on there being the outermost of Saturn's main rings is superbly interesting as it is one of the most dynamic in the "Saturn System."

There are two shepherd moons acting strangely, Prometheus and Pandora. Prometheus being the bottom of the F ring satellite is able to guide and create activity this is due to its gravitational effect, but is Prometheus and Pandora able to perform these distortions in the ring without the help of a third party? (taking into account its low density).

How is this phenomenon possible? Also, another mystery in this ring is Pandora, it acts as shepherd moon preventing the expansion of particles into Saturn's atmosphere. Is this a common phenomenon in the gaseous planets with rings such as Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus?

Saturn's rings are basically made of ice and rock particles. With a closer study of Saturn's ring F we could understand interesting physics as explained by electromagnetic forces that induce these shepherd moons to create waves in the rings*, and maybe this is a common phenomenon in other planets that have rings, we can also understand its evolution and extinction process checking this out. Undoubtedly ring systems offer a great challenge for scientists. You have to deduce the processes that formed them and then use this knowledge to reveal how strong are satellites and planets. Because certain bodies have been observed crossing the F ring, and there is a possibility according to Dr. Carl Murray of the Queen Mary University in London, that they might be ice masses, leaving behind an ice trail, as he stated at EGU (European Geoscience Union).

Another interesting aspect is that one of the shepherd moons (not yet known exactly which of the two) makes snowballs and make the drill cutting ring inside and outside the orbit of the F ring making it much more mysterious."