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International Edition Winners 2012: Romania, Grade 5-6, Target 3 (tie, 1 of 2)

International Edition Winners 2012: Romania, Grade 5-6, Target 3 (tie, 1 of 2)

Chisca Dan Gabriel
Tudor Caldarescu
Target 3, Saturn
Dan Gabriel Chisca, Tudor Caldarescu

Colegiul National

Teacher: Mihaela Cornelia FIscutean

"Rings of Saturn are for a long time the explored mistery of the coming of existance of our solar system. How did they form ? When did they form? What are they made of? What makes Saturn so special from the rest of the giant planets of our solar system? One of the recent studies proposes the ideea that a cosmic cataclysm was the origin of the ring and that the rings are the remains of a moon that exploded.

Saturn is one of the most studied planets from our solar system, from both Earth and space. The mission Cassini-Huygens has brought in past years new data regarding the chemical compositon, the dynamics of the satelites of Saturn and the distribution of matter inside the rings. Considering the new data scientists started warking of new ideas.

Three important assumptions are considered by the scientists when it comes to the the origins of sartun's rings:
• The impact of a comet and one of the satellites of Saturn resulting the display of the matter left after the complete destruction of both celestial objects.
• The capture of a massive celestial oobject from and other solar system and destroyed by the gravitational forces of the planet.
• The rings are a remain of a primordial cloud of gas and dust from which Saturn was made.
The information brough by the Cassini probe in the last years has determined the scientists to come with new ideas regarding the process of creation of Saturn's rings. Recently a group of scientists made of Sebastian Charnoz, Alessandro Morbidelli, Luke Dones si Julien Salmon proposed a new dinamical evolution model of the rings that reinforce the first two assumptions. In other words they propose us to imagine the forming of the rings as a result of a cosmic cataclysm event: either the impact between a comet and a satellite or Saturn captured a drifting satellite and destroyed it in orbit.

Catastrofical Scenarios and the forming of a Solar System

The recent model start from a global scenario regarding the forming of the Solar System called Nice Mode or Nisa Mode. This model has a connection with the Nice observer from France , where a team of scientists led by Alessandro Morbidelli made a study program of forming and evolution of the Solar System. Nisa mode is a mode of solar system where all giants planets – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptun- are allready formed and has a huge influence on the evolution of the entire Solar System."