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International Edition Winners 2012: Pakistan, Grade 9-10, Target 2

International Edition Winners 2012: Pakistan, Grade 9-10, Target 2

Wabiha Zehra
Saturn's F ring
Target 2, Saturn's F ring
Wabiha Zehra

Qamar-e-Bani Hashim Higher Secondary School
10th Grade

"From initial stages of evolution the universe and its constituents remain a mystery for mankind. Therefore it is always remain necessary to unfold the secrets of this vast universe.

Keeping the above view in mind and after pondering over the images taken by Cassini , I am assure that target # 2 i.e. F-Ring is the best target on which Cassini scientist can make extensive research work and will produce good result. For supporting my statement, I am throwing light on some important reasons to select F-Ring for more research.

The F-Ring has a unique importance as it is showing unpredictable changer hour by hour. There are two important reasons for these changes.

First is, some strange objects in the universe are continuously tearing the F-Ring which causes gap in it. These objects travel with a speed of 4mph and can leave traits of measurement up to 110 miles. It is necessary to get more knowledge about these objects and their effect on F-Ring.

On the other hand when many small satellites come close to F-Ring they left their gravitational mark on it which are called Fans. This feature is unique for scientists and its further knowledge could open new ways to continue our research on planets.

Another amazing fact is that F-Ring is kept in its place by shepherding satellites (i.e. Pandora and Prometheus) that are revolving on both sides of F- Ring and also keep it from diffusing into space. When the circle of research become more wider on it so it become more clear that how this complex system is formed and is working?

The tremendous effects of Prometheus and Pandora (i.e. Shepherding satellite) are not enough here. These satellites are generating snowballs and channels which then survive and punch holes in the great structure of F ring. This destruction in its structure may cause negative impact on F-Ring so it is ultimate need to know the root cause of it and then its solution.

The elaborated F-Ring has a complex structure which is a challenge for scientists. It has a bright core and clumps of ring material known as knots along its length. It is important feature is that F-Ring is made up of pure ice and water. It is amazing and difficult to believe because of two reasons.
1. First is that solar system is comprised of about equal parts of water and rocks so F-Ring should consist equal quantity of rocks.
2. Second is that since the formation of F-Ring it is collecting interplanet dust but again it is pure water.

So what is the mystery behind all of this. Understanding these processes can help scientists to know the secrets of universe and understanding the stages of planets formation.

Although the new images of Cassini rises many questions in our mind about the formation of F-ring it's mass and challenging characteristics these questions are compulsory to answer.