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International Edition Winners 2012: Pakistan, Grade 7-8, Target 3

International Edition Winners 2012: Pakistan, Grade 7-8, Target 3

Target 3, Saturn
Farkhanda Shahid

Head Start School System
8th Grade

"The Cassini spacecraft is opening the doors of information during its unmatched journey for me the target three "SATURN" is full of interest and information.

Saturn is the second largest planet of our solar system with fifty three moons and unique things around it.

Saturn, the jewel of our solar system with its unique and beautiful rings many questions:

Following, are the reasons because of which I think Cassini should focus more on Saturn

The first and most fundamental is that why only Saturn has such beautiful and mysterious rings. What is the uniqueness in the Saturn because of which it carry rings with it. Cassini output on that may be unleash the mystery of Saturn's rings.

Second, the weather of Saturn

Does the weather of Saturn has only such properties that creates rings around it, or it is atmosphere of Saturn that allow to create such unique rings around it.

The third, important element is the size of Saturn. As it is the second largest planet in the solar system, it might be possible that the gravitational force of Saturn or chemical properties of the element of Saturn has same uniqueness.

Forth, and most important are the rings of Saturn. As we know there are many rings of Saturn. Does these rings have any link or are synchronization with each other. Also does the spica star and its light could help us to more understand about Saturn.

For me, Cassini should get the answer or collect the information so that answer of same important questions could be derived. Some important questions are:

1. What kind of atmosphere does Saturn has?
2. Does the creation of Saturn's rings are because of Saturn's basic element with which it made of.
3. Does the size of rings are shrinking or expanding.
4. Does the polar side of Saturn's have any impact on Saturn's atmosphere and its rings?
5. What impacts of space, surroundings and components of rings have on rings and on Saturn?
6. Does the weather and atmosphere of Saturn has any links with the rings and components?
7. Does Saturn discharging or throwing some items or particles in the space that create rings.

I hope, that Cassini will provide us tones of information, one day about Saturn and we will discuss Saturn in detail like we do earth."