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International Edition Winners 2012: Pakistan, Grade 5-6, Target 3

International Edition Winners 2012: Pakistan, Grade 5-6, Target 3

Ali Azhar
Target 3, Saturn
Ali Azhar

Bahria College NORE I
5th Grade

"I think Saturn and its rings is the best target. We can learn a lot about its gravity, its rings and its atmosphere. We can study how much light reaches the planet and how it became the second largest planet. Did two planets hit each other and Saturn was born? How its rings formed and how its moons wee made? Does Saturn spin East or West? Do the rings also spin? All these questions may be answered if we focus on this target. Saturn was discovered by Galileo Galilee in 1616. At first it looks like Saturn has only one ring but when we look closer we see there are many rings and gaps. The scientists mark the rings of Saturn from A to G rings. They are made by dust particles and other materials. There are also gaps in between to separate the rings. They are named after scientists who discovered them.

Saturn is termed as a gas giant. It mainly consists of hydrogen and helium. It has no end to its clouds, it has no land. Saturn has 62 moons. Most of them were discovered when the pictures took by spacecraft were studied again. Some of are so small that they can't be seen with modern telescopes, others such as titan are bigger than the planet Mercury. Some of them were discovered by studying the data sent by Cassini and other spacecrafts.

There have been more than 4 spacecrafts that went to space and took pictures. Each took pictures and discovered many new things. Pioneer made a record of 69.419 AU of clean data. Likewise Cassini has spent more than 7 years orbiting planet Saturn which is amazing.

Saturn is an amazing planet because it has many more questions and theories than our planet Earth. Was Saturn made by two planets? If it is second planet it could be made by two planets. This is my theory that planet Saturn would be a smaller planet which was orbiting as usual when another planet hit Saturn and the two planets fused creating a new planet. Some chunks of rock were broken of. Because of Saturn's gravity the chunks became rings by revolving around. Some chunks were might have fused together to make moons. Other chunks might have hit each other and converted into dust or added to rings. Likewise these are many about Saturn's rings. Also there are a lot of questions relating Saturn's rings. Why didn't Jupiter have rings as it has the strongest gravity in the solar system? We can know this if we focus on the Saturn. Saturn is a good source of education for its rings, atmosphere and moons.

It was observed more than 4 times by spacecrafts. It was studied 60 times by scientists to discover the moons. I think target no. 3 is the most interesting target out of the three targets took by Cassini.