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International Edition Winners - 2012: India, Target 3, Grade: 10

International Edition Winners - 2012: India, Target 3, Grade: 10

Urja Pandya
Target 3, Saturn
Urja Pandya

Baroda High school, Alkapuri
10th Grade
Vadodara, Gujarat

"Saturn, surrounded by seven rings, is the sixth planet from the sun. The presence of these rings shows that Saturn is having gravitational pull. These rings are made up of mainly water ice. The presence of ice here gives proof that there might be water on Saturn before a billion year or there might be any other celestial body which might have passed from near the Saturn and had lost all its water due to the gravitational pull of Saturn.

Saturn is very dense and the second largest planet. This shows that it is in its childhood. And as it grows up, it would have enough gravitational pull to attract its atmosphere and will become less dense. Now by this time the sun would also grow into a red giant and would almost snatch away all the celestial objects in just the space before mars. And then there would be liquid form of water and suitable temperature on Saturn to sustain life.

Another possibility is that if the rings constitute water ice as the main content and if it has came from Saturn then there is a possibility that in future more rings may be formed due to formation of water ice on the surface of Saturn.

Talking about Saturn we find that its main constituents are methane, Ammonia, Hydrogen and helium. At the center, heavy elements have probably settled into the small rocky core. The presence of methane shows a possibility of sustainability of a living organism as it is the simplest organic compound. Also there is magnetosphere which protects the planet from suns harmful radiations and as mentioned above about the water ice there might be formation of water on Saturn. And also it has gravitational pull in considerable amount. All this shows that an organism might sustain its living there.

Now if there is any organism there then it might be very heavy in weight and might have suction legs so as to hold the ground. It might have a thick fur to protect it from very sever cold. It must be living underground so they could get heat from the core. (They must be having good hemoglobin as they could get enough amount of iron there!)

Research is also been done about the rings with the help of Spica (A bright star) from it scientist can discover about the quantity of light that the particles of the rings can pass. From this their density, nature (Transparent, Translucent, Opaque) and new types of elements can be discovered. Even we can know about any kind of magnetosphere in that particle and can also know about the rotation period of each ring.

Now if we talk about the rings, Cassini has revealed great secrets about them. These rings can form new moons for Saturn or they can even be attracted to Saturn as its gravity increases. Further research by designing more efficient equipments can reveal the mystery of Saturn and its rings to a great extent."