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International Edition Winners - 2012: India, Target 2, Grade: 12

International Edition Winners - 2012: India, Target 2, Grade: 12

Saurav Rathi
Target 3, Saturn
Saurav Rathi

Gayatri Vidhya Peeth
10th Grade

"Reason for selecting this target: I Feel that saturn is a point of interest because most people probably know that saturn is 6th planet from the sun and it has magnificient rings around it ,but it just got more than that Since, Childhood I was Intrested in Astronomy But Here in my school there are no facilities related to the subject so i have got a golden chance to express my veiws.

I think 'Cassini spacecraft will take astronomy to a new level.'

It is the 2nd largest planet after jupiter in our solar system.It was discovered in 1610 by the great astronomer Galileo Galilei but the rings were later described clearly by christiaan Huygens in 1655. The Planet is named after Roman god saturn . Saturn is mostly a gignatic ball of hydrogen and helium Its density is one eighth that of the Earth,so light that it could float on water while saturn is almost 95 times massive than Earth.It takes 29.46 Earth years to complete its one revolution around the sun.Saturn has a prominent ring system that includes 9 continous main rings and 3 dicontinous arcs composed of ice particles.Saturn's Rings are very thin , though they are 250,000 km or more in diameter they are less than 1 km thick.There are 63 moons on the planet already discovered of which 53 are officially named.There are hundreds of moonlets and cassine might discover more.There are thousands of magnificient ringlets adorning the Saturn. Saturn is unique in many ways from the other 4 gas giants.If I had a chance to approach observatory,i would like to reasearch on the following:

1. To Determine the new moonlets.
2. Finding any signs of life on Saturn.
3. Why water exist on Earth not in Saturn.
4. Saturn's Great white spot [storm].
5. Northern Part Hexagonal Cloud pattern of Saturn.
6. Magnetosphere of Saturn.
7. Shape,size and behaviour of the huge magnificient rings Of Saturn.
8. Saturn's hundreds of Ringlets.
9. How the rings are made in Different size and colour.
10. How some moons of Saturn have their own rings.

These are all Big questions about Saturn And we all need answers For these questions. If cassine takes more time to discover Saturn and its Unfolded Mysteries we might have a chance of answering all this little and Big questions and And Astronomy may reach to a higher level. Hope you take this and this can lead NASA's scientists to veiw Astronomy from a Different angle."