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International Edition Winners - 2012: India, Target 2, Grade: 12

International Edition Winners - 2012: India, Target 2, Grade: 12

Jaspreet Kaur
Saturn's F ring
Target 2, Saturn's F ring
Jaspreet Kaur

12th Grade
Gayatri Vidya Peeth, (C.G.)

Teacher: Mr. Saransh Jain

"Since from the small age I was very allured towards the Saturn's rings and this time I got a golden opportunity to know about the most fascinating 'F ring' very sharply.

Saturn is the most alluring planet in the solar system because of its silver giant rings termed from A to G with various extent and composition. Among them One of the most astonishing ring is the thin, narrow faint 'F ring'. The narrow ring shows the surprising effect due to demeanor of its two natural satellites 'Prometheus and Pandora' which give the ring a dynamic quality.

These moonlets present on the either side of rings, hindering the rings from mixing into space epitomizing like Guardian and are termed as ' the shepherd moons'. The thin ring is misty, ropy band of fine ice particles which moves all around inside the ring. The chief thing that entice most of the observer towards this hazy ring is the Mini jet effect. Due to the gravitational influence of Saturn's third closest moon Prometheus, channels ripples and snowballs exists. These tiny snowball shifting in and out of the F ring orbital's punchers the ring, leaving lustrous effect behind them said as Mini jet effect. These effect took very less time to occur and is accidently to find. But sometime mini jets due to striking of snowball occurs in a group that give dazzling view to the ring forming wonderful effects as they pass through them. Hence minuets give curious behavior to this narrow ring.

F ring is made of thin band of ice particles which occasionally roam, twists and shifts forming the bright clumps composed of fine particles of dust and small icy pieces which are responsible for Fluctuation in the ring when the ring itself interacts with one of the two shepherding satellites. Their interaction results in wavy movement in the ring. This movement gives a very shining, bright view for a little sort of time that sometimes the Saturn called as the 'Ghostly planet' showing ghostly effects inside its F ring and can be viewed by the various amazing pictures taken by the NASA.

Beside providing the special effect to their ring. On the other hand the satellite, Prometheus left some impression of distortion on F ring. Due to its gravitational pull it sometimes perturb the ring, giving a bizarre appearance. This is also known as the impressions of crime which disturbs the ring's beauty. Observers also estimated that over a decade it may be possible that Prometheus will move into the midst of ring because of strong interactions between them. Still some discoveries are left on this beautiful charming, narrow F ring and on its mysterious moons which can be observed only having a eye on the planet's ring by NASA."