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International Edition Winners 2011: Pakistan, Target 2, 7-8

International Edition Winners 2011: Pakistan, Target 2, 7-8

Syed Emaad Rizwan
Rhea and Titan
Rhea and Titan
Syed Emaad Rizwan

7th Grade
Head Start School system
Karachi, Pakistan

"Hi! My name is Emaad Rizwan and I am a student of grade seven (7). I have always been dreaming of becoming one of the scientists of the century, and now it seems that my dream can come true.

My Suggestion

I have studied and compared the three targets (Hyperion, Rhea and Titan and Saturn) and have come to the conclusion that Target 2, Rhea and Titan which are Saturn's two largest moons would be the best place to send the spacecraft to get maximum scientific information as these are very close to one another.

The following reasons put target 2 right on top.

Reason 1:

Titan (Saturn's largest moon) possesses many parallels to Earth. It has lakes, rivers, channels, dunes, rain, snow, clouds, and mountains but is all covered in ice. It even has seasons and atmosphere. This gives scientists a glimpse of what Earth might have been like before life evolved. This means that may be in future when the earth's atmosphere is ruptured more and extreme global warming puts the entire world to an end. Life may evolve on the titan moon where the ice would melt

Reason 2:

Moon Rhea on the other hand has no atmosphere and has none of the things parallel to the earth. It is just a frozen dbt snowball that makes it very prominent to be studied.

If the spacecraft is sent to Rhea and Titan, it will give us some exciting results because the two are entirely different in atmosphere and structure and this would even enable the scientist to gather information about two stations with one spacecraft.

Hyperion which is also a moon of Saturn cannot be the right place for the spacecraft because it orbits around the Saturn at tremendous speed and so, no information can be gathered because the pictures cannot be taken.

Saturn the third target cannot be the best place because there are many storms there, making the atmosphere misty, these carry rocks as well. So the spacecraft can be damaged. Its seasons are also very long and years would be spent in gathering the information.

If we reject target one and target three the only target left is target two."