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International Edition Winners 2011: Pakistan, Target 1B, 7-8

International Edition Winners 2011: Pakistan, Target 1B, 7-8

Syeda Sughra Hassan
Syeda Sughra Hassan

8th Grade
Head Start Junior High School
Karachi, Pakistan

" Scientific research can reduce superstition by encouraging people to think and view things in terms of cause and effect.
[Albert Einstein]

I think that Hyperion is the best target amongst the three Hyperion, Saturn, and Titan and Rhea for Cassini

The reason is that I find Hyperion’s both shape and existence very fascinating.

Like every other body in our solar system, Hyperion is probably millions of years old as old as our own moon, possibly older.

To me, it looks like a twisted marshmallow strangely resembling a comet rather than a moon. From its looks, you can feel that it’s been though a violent barbaric past featuring a or a series of cloudily impact from comets and meteors or from collations with other planets and moons at the birth of our solar system.

Hyperion’s surface is covered with craters so many that its hard to tell which crater is where. We can’t really see the crators properly form a telescope here on earth so I think it’s better if Cassini gets up close and personal with Hyperion. May be it will find something useful for us like water. Because honestly speaking, Hyperion reminds me of one of these comets and meteors that most probably supposedly brought life molecules on earth itself.

Another possible reason for Cassini to choose Hyperion as its Target is because Hyperion has a chaotic rotation, even with the most sophisticated models, we cannot be sure if we will be seeing its back or front side. Would not it be exciting if Hyperion brought us some information on that?

Like most of Saturn’s moons, Hyperion’s low density [0.544 0.050g/cm3] indicates that it is composed largely of water-ice with only a minor proportion of rock. This suggests that may be just may be under of Hyperion’s cratered curst lies as underwater ocean. And in its watery darkness, it is just possible that life exists as on earth too there could be many creations in the deep ocean that obtain energy from underground heat.

Though the possibility of alien life in our solar system seems quite out of a question, it is possible that these creators may not be as smart and intellectual as us. It is quite possible that these creators might be as smarter as the animals on earth. And even if they are, I do not think they have come up with any ideas that can help them cut through Hyperion’s crust. So it will be an, say, act of kindness that will start inter-planetary relations with those creatures. I admit that Hawking is right about warning us of contacting with alien life forms but we will only find that out if we do encounter with aliens for real.

Hyperion’s temperature is about 93 K making it somewhat impossible for life but who knows?! The universe has apparently always surprised us.

Alien existence a side, Hyperion is truly a phenomenal moon. Its beauty lies in its shape and it will be great if Cassini chose it as its targets."