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Cassini Scientist for a Day -- Fall 2008 Winners, Target 2: Titan

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Congratulations Cassini Scientist for a Day Winners
Target 2: Titan

Abby Lamnin
Katie Leahy
Mia Lombardo
Grade 5 and 6
Abby Lamnin, Katie Leahy and Mia Lombardo
Perkiomen Valley Middle School East
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

"We would like find out if Earth and Titan are alike in any ways . . ." + Read More

Yvonne Yun Fan

Grade 7 and 8

Yvonne Yun Fan

Park Elementary School
Alhambra, California

"Titan's atmosphere is similar to that of the Earth's some billions of years ago and has been of interest to scientists ever since Pioneer 1 . . ." + Read More

Grade 9 to 12

Jason Ruchti and Derek Thompson

Craig High School
Janesville, Wisconsin

"By studying the geological activity and structures on Titan, we could perhaps get a better idea of how the early Earth worked. . . . " + Read More

Jason Ruchti
Derek Thompson