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Cassini Scientist for a Day -- Fall 2008 Winners, Target 3: Mimas

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Congratulations Cassini Scientist for a Day Winners
Target 3: Mimas

John Caravana
Min Kim
Aracely Silva
Andrea Velazquez
Grade 5 and 6
John Caravana, Min Kim, Aracely Silva and Andrea Velazquez
West Ward Elementary School
Killeen, Texas

"We chose Mimas as the target of the imaging studies for the Cassini spacecraft because it seems like a really interesting moon to us. We thought there could be many questions that new pictures could answer for us. . . ."
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Benjamin Palmer

Grade 7 and 8

Benjamin Palmer
Palmer Homeschool
Queensbury, New York

"Probes like Cassini traverse the Solar System, taking steps where no man has ever gone. The elusive things they uncover and the wonders they capture will inspire and create the scientists of the future. Let us chose Mimas as our newest cosmic journey. . . ."
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Grade 9 to 12

Sarah Cottrell-Cumber
North Stafford High School
Stafford, Virginia

"There are two main features of Mimas that make it the best target for the Cassini probe: the creation of Herschel Crater, and Mimas’s dormancy compared to Enceladus’s activeness. . . . "
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Sarah Cottrell-Cumber