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Cassini Scientist for a Day -- Fall 2008 Winners, Target 1: Tethys

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Congratulations Cassini Scientist for a Day Winners
Target 1: Tethys

Jarrett Dienel
Ben Gendell
Sadeechya Gurung
Emma Wiley
Grade 5 and 6
Jarrett Dienel, Ben Gendell, Sadeechya Gurung and Emma Wiley
Beech Tree Elementary School
Falls Church, Virginia

"People have questions that want to be answered about Tethys, I know we do . . ." + Read More

Adam Foreman

Grade 7 and 8

Adam Foreman

Southwest Middle School
Palm Bay, Florida

"Dear Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Lab, Let’s go to Tethys! . . ." + Read More

Grade 9 to 12

Ashwini Gokhale
Richwoods High School
Peoria, Illinois

"Tethys portrays some unusual characteristics and mysteries that merit more research . . . " + Read More

Ashwini Gokhale