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How to Participate in the Saturn Observation Campaign

Saturn Observation Campaign banner

How to Participate in the Saturn Observation Campaign

Students listen as a Saturn Observation Campaign member gives a talk in Puerto Rico
An elementary school science club in Puerto Rico listens to a Cassini presentation.
The Cassini Equinox mission invites professional and amateur astronomers plus interested members of the public to join the Saturn Observation Campaign. A section of NASAs Cassini-Huygens website is dedicated to mission resources and educational material. Saturn observing tips are available as well.

What: Conduct three or more Cassini programs or observing events each year. You may wish to partner with local libraries, astronomy clubs or science centers. Members are required to report events on our web site.

Why: Members of the Saturn Observation Campaign will be able to participate in telecon training sessions conducted from NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Material from these training sessions are available for use in member presentations to their communities. Saturn Observation Campaign members may also conduct observing sessions when Saturn is visible in the night sky. These outreach programs have a lasting impact in creating a connection between local communities and exploration of the solar system.

When: The application window is open for 2013 participation.

African children gather round a telescope for views of Saturn
Saturn night in Benin, West Africa
How: Apply electronically using the Saturn Observation Campaign Application.

Who: If you have questions regarding this program, please contact: Jane Houston Jones by e-mail at or call 1 (818) 393-6435.

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