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Experiencing Saturn

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Experiencing Saturn

Saturn viewing in Iraqi Kurdistan
Saturn viewing in Iraqi Kurdistan
Experiencing Saturn Gallery

Browse through our "Experiencing Saturn Gallery" to view past Saturn Event images and find out where our members will be conducting their next viewing events.

SOC Events Posting Zone

Announce your 2011 Saturn Observation (and other) outreach events here. Please include your name, email address and other items marked with a red asterick. Under the "Your Saturn Event" section, please include city, state, country, date, time and location, including strreet address, city and zip code (even a link to a map is ok) for your Saturn viewing event. If there is a rain delay make-up date for your event, please include that date too. Its ok to list a website or a contact name and number too.

A girl looks through a telescope while another holds an image of Saturn
Kim observes Saturn, Kaitlyn demonstrates how Saturn can be 'viewed' using 'touch' as an extra sense for visually impaired participants. The image is in the Braille 'Touch The Universe' book.
Photo Posting Zone for Saturn Observation Campaign Members Saturn Observation Campaign members have the opportunity to share photos of the Saturn system.

Cassini Outreach Event Summary
Please take a moment following your event to complete the required on-line reporting form.

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