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Classroom Educators and Youth Group Leaders!

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Classroom Educators and Youth Group Leaders!

Children hold the Saturn models they made in class
Saturn Models
Are you looking for a unique opportunity to introduce your students to the wonders of planetary observation? The Saturn Observation Campaign (SOC) is the perfect place. From hands-on activities and reference materials to SOC contact information, everything you need to explore Saturn with your students is right here.

Planning Your Event

First, locate the SOC member closest to you using our contact list. SOC members are amateur and professional astronomers who are willing to help in planning your event. Cassini Outreach has a series of hands-on activities designed to enhance your Saturn observation experience. These activities are aligned with national science education standards and can be used in formal classroom settings.

Brush up on your knowledge of the ringed planet and the Cassini Mission with an extensive collection of educational reference materials.

Saturn's Satellites and Ring Structure
Place Saturn in context with its solar system neighbors using one of these scale model activities. Whether you use a football field, indoor hallway, cafeteria, library, or community park, these scale models are perfect to get students involved.

Students can also learn the basics of planetary observation through the "Observing Outer Planets" activity from the Cassini Classroom Activities pages.

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