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Cassini K-4 Literacy Program: Grades 1 & 2 Lessons

Cassini K-4 Literacy Program: Grades 1 & 2 Lessons

Download the entire ten-lesson set (PDF, 6.37 MB) or browse the lesson list below.

Overview: Reading, Writing, and Rings Teacher Introduction

  • Information on Reading, Writing, and Rings, using science notebooks throughout the lessons, student assessment, student growth indicators, and a wealth of invaluable information to make your journey more exciting.


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1. What Do You Know About Saturn?

  • Language Arts Focus: Descriptive Writing
  • Science Focus: Assessment through Writing and Illustration


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2. Where Is Saturn in the Solar System? Where Am I in the Solar System?

  • Language Arts Focus: Nonfiction Texts: Listening and Structured Writing
  • Science Focus: Learning About the Structure of the Solar System


Download (PDF, 308 KB)

3. Wow, Saturn Is Much Bigger than Earth!

  • Language Arts Focus: Scientific Captions and Labels
  • Science Focus: Creating an Earth-Saturn Model


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4. "Amazing-Saturn Is So Far, Far Away!"

  • Language Arts Focus: Writing an Informational Postcard
  • Science Focus: Using a Playground Model to Explore Distance


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5. My Spacecraft Model

  • Language Arts Focus: Written Reporting and Oral Peer Presentations
  • Science Focus: Planning, Building, and Explaining a Spacecraft Model


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6. Earth to Saturn, Earth to Saturn!

  • Language Arts Focus: Descriptive Analogies
  • Science Focus: Understanding the Attributes of Earth and Saturn


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7. Rotating Rings of Ice

  • Language Arts Focus: Drafting and Writing a Paragraph
  • Science Focus: Modeling Saturn's Icy Ring System


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8. Titan and the Other Moons of Saturn

  • Language Arts Focus: Descriptive Scientific Language
  • Science Focus: Sorting by Scientific Attributes


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9. Focus on Saturn's Fascinating Features

  • Language Arts Focus: Writing and Illustrating Expository Texts
  • Science Focus: Creating Saturn Books - Rings, Moons, and other Features


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10. Awesome Saturn

  • Language Arts Focus: Using Poetry to Describe Saturn
  • Science Focus: Summative Reflections on Saturn


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All lessons are presented in Adobe PDFs. If you can't view the files, you can download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website, free of charge.