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Classroom Materials

NASA and JPL support several education programs that bring science and engineering into the classroom. Check the following sites.

Space Science Curriculum Standards Quilt
Basics of Space Flight
Space Science Education Resource Directory

The fastest way to track down lesson plans that meet National Science Education Standards. The Quilt is searchable by grade level, science content standards and thematic organizing standards.

Basics of Space Flight is a training module designed primarily to help people identify the range of concepts associated with deep space missions and grasp the relationships these concepts exhibit for space flight.
A directory to find NASA space science lesson plans, products and other education materials. Searchable by grade, subject and topic.
Space Place
NASA Education Program

A web site that offers ways to get involved in learning about space science and exploration. The Space Place is one of JPL's many successful education and outreach efforts.
(Central Operation of Resources for Educators): Serves as the worldwide distribution center for NASA-produced multimedia materials including more than 200 videocassette, slide, and CD-ROM programs.
Offers a rich and comprehensive slate of study opportunities for students and educators, ranging from grade school to post-doctorate levels.
Spacemath@nasa website
SpaceMath@NASA introduces students to the use of mathematics in todays scientific discoveries.

Through press releases and other articles, we explore how many kinds of mathematics skills come together in exploring the universe.

Workshops, Speakers, Events, and General Information Sites:

JPL Education Gateway
Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Program

The JPL Education Gateway posts information for educators and students about the many missions and events at JPL.

Ames Research Center. NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative. This is a highly interactive site that features chats with scientists, video feeds to the Space Shuttle and much more.
Students team with scientists to conduct cutting edge research leading to discovery.
JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program
National Science Education Standards

The Solar System Ambassador's program is a JPL public outreach effort designed to work with motivated volunteers, who organize and conduct public events that communicate exciting discoveries and plans for exploration in Solar System research and technology through non-traditional means. There are now 278 Ambassadors in 50 states and Puerto Rico bringing the excitement of space to the public.
Many NASA educational activities and products address the National Science Education Standards in an effort to meet teachers needs.

  • Blend space exploration with reading and writing -- Reading, Writing & Rings!
  • Cassini Scientist for a Day -- Students get involved
  • Cassini Raw Images